Almost As Complicated, Or Not? By John Cornacchia

John Cornacchia at Globacorp Developments International writes:

Help me out here… A friend and fellow watch enthusiast shared this advertisement with me the other day.


As I sat and mused over it for several seconds, it produced a pleasant smile on my face. It was a smile of understanding and appreciation, not only for the complicated nature of fine timepieces, but for the comparison to the intricacies and complicated nature of women [at least as some of us men would see it]. I will admit that the “Except it’s on time” part of the advertisement made me chuckle slightly [maybe slightly is an understatement], even though it could equally apply to men and women.

Now let’s fast forward to later that afternoon when I shared this bit of humour with a female friend of mine. She smirked ever so slightly [maybe slightly is an overstatement], but there was certainly no chuckle or shared amusement. In fact, I believe she pondered for approximately 33 milliseconds before protesting “How sexist… Men are the ones who are complicated and always late”. Needless to say, we had a very interesting conversation that afternoon.

When I arrived home later that evening, I decided to subject myself to more protest [and interesting conversation] by sharing the advertisement with my lovely wife. She smiled and chuckled [Yes… Smiled and Chuckled] before stating “You know it… Don’t try to figure us out”. She must have had one of those days at work when her team [mostly comprised of women] were acting squirrelly [Yes… I said squirrelly]. My wife understands my plight with her [most of the time] and I love her for it.

So here’s my question… Do you think this advertisement is sexist or inappropriate?

Author Note:

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