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Posts may be subject to moderation (amendment, redaction, or deletion) if they fail to abide by the following rules:

1. Please do not post personal information about another site participant, which includes identifying any individual by their real name (if they have not already done so) or providing personal contact information.

2. Please do not defame anyone or any organisation. A comment may be defamatory if it may be reasonably considered likely to harm the reputation of a person or organisation. As an example, it may be considered defamatory to call someone an idiot but not to call their comments idiotic.

3. Please do not personally insult or harass other site users, instead focus on the logic of the argument rather than the individuals involved in the argument, and remember that our other users have freedom to choose not to enter into debate with you.

4. Please do not post or link to any inappropriate, offensive, pornographic, obscene or illegal material. Inappropriate content is anything that may offend or that is not relevant to the discussion.

5. Please do not post any advertisements, however much you believe in the service or product, part of the WordPress rules are that no advertising of any kind is allowed.

6. In the event of any doubt or dispute, WordPress rules shall be deemed to apply.

We also suggest you review the WordPress Terms and Conditions.

John Cornacchia and Globacorp Developments International are contributors / owners of this forum. Should you wish to use any information or pictures utilized herein, please send us an email containing the specifics of your request, including your intended use.


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