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Feeding the Growing World Population Utilizing Vertical Farming By John Cornacchia

Vertical farming is a highly debated concept, one which proposes that it is economically and environmentally viable to cultivate plant or animal life within tall buildings (skyscrapers), purpose-built multi-level structures, or vertically inclined surfaces.

It is estimated that by the year 2050, virtually 80% of the world’s population will live in urban areas and the total global population will increase by approximately 3 billion people. An enormous amount of farmland may be required, conditional on the change in yield per hectare and sustainable practices implemented, to feed the growing population. Scientists around the world are concerned that this large amount of required land will not be available and that severe damage to the earth will be caused by the added farmland. Vertical farms, if designed correctly utilizing sustainable principles, may eliminate the need to create additional farmland and help create a cleaner environment, by reducing the transportation of food to the mass population.

John Cornacchia, founder of Globacorp Developments International, believes that Vertical Farming has the potential of becoming a major factor in reducing urban sprawl, preserving the natural environment, and reducing harmful pollutants, all necessary for the existence of a sustainable world.

To learn more about vertical farming and sustainable development, John Cornacchia invites you to visit Globacorp Developments International at http://www.globacorp.com Continue reading

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